Together with our customers, we develop the individually optimal implementation model or the optimal PV system, on-roof or in the open space. We plan, manage and organize the complete construction process as a full-service from preliminary discussions to the turnkey plant. The economic efficiency of the project is always in the foreground; the photovoltaic system is optimised in terms of costs (investment and operation), and yield (installed capacity, expected generation, etc.). Photovoltaics is competitive today and our customers should benefit from it in the best possible way.


Advantages of Ortner Energy

  • Use of certified, high-quality components

  • Security through a reliable, consistent partner

  • High competence in the AC connection of PV systems

  • Binding offer after order clarification

  • All-round carefree package for the safe and smooth operation of your PV system

  • Financing and operation of PV systems through contracting models



from a single source

Advantages of a power supply with photovoltaics


A trend towards renewable energies


In today's world it is important to operate sustainably and save costs at the same time. At the moment there are very good subsidies available for photovoltaics in Austria. This leads to a very fast amortization period of the photovoltaic system. A company not only profits from the profitability and cost savings, but also from a positive external effect. 


Stefan Ortner

Managing Partner

  • Price stable electricity supply and planning reliability from local PV system

  • Independence through solar self-sufficiency

  • Promotion and strengthening of the image as an environmentally conscious and innovative company

  • Individual complete solutions

  • Green sustainable investment