Photovoltaic contracting

photovoltaic systems without investment costs

The photovoltaic contracting of Ortner Energy Group enables the use of a photovoltaic system without investment costs. The complete PV system is installed on your roof surface and operated by Ortner Energy Group.

A contracting model has several advantages for you: an unused roof or open space becomes a profit centre. You bear no cost and operating risk, but can still benefit from cheaper electricity purchases in the long term. You also contribute to environmental protection and sustainable energy management and can communicate this accordingly.

Our operator model offers companies the opportunity to use green solar power without having to invest in a PV system themselves. In addition, you have the option of purchasing the photovoltaic system at a pre-defined price should the general conditions (such as electricity and grid costs) change.

Photovoltaics without investment - contracting has the following advantages

  • No investment

  • No construction risk

  • No operating risk

  • Positive environmental and image impact

  • In the external appearance it is always "your" system

  • Profit in the long term from low-cost solar power or a user fee

  • After 25 years you take over the PV system or we dismantle it free of charge

  • A purchase option ensures that you have access to your PV system at all times

Cheaper electricity - no investment


With our operator model, we have made it possible to install a photovoltaic system on your roof or land area without incurring any costs for you. This offers you the advantage that you can profit from cheaper electricity or get a rent for the space from us. We would recommend every company to turn an unused roof or land area into a business case.

Stefan Ortner

Stefan Ortner

Managing Partner