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Safe plant operation with Ortner Energy

Qualified service technicians take care of your concerns

A large number of solar systems have been installed and put into operation over the last few years with high investments. As a rule, the maintenance effort of a photovoltaic system is relatively low. But it does not work completely without maintenance and care! A regularly serviced and maintained solar system offers you early detection of problems and malfunctions in operation, which can also be quickly eliminated. This ensures your yields over the entire operating life of your PV system.

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Thanks to continuous maintenance and optimization, we can detect damage before it affects the yield of the photovoltaic system.

Our specialists carry out a professional electrical and mechanical inspection of your PV system. This includes numerous tests and measurements. Combined with professional module cleaning, higher performance and efficiency of the PV system can finally be achieved.

On-Site Service

Our on-site service covers all areas of the installed technology, ensuring smooth operation of your facilities. 

  • Regular inspection of technical installations, also with the use of drones and infrared imaging.


  • Inspection and maintenance of transformer compact stations and transfer stations


  • Immediate on-site fault clearance, including schedule and deadline management, thanks to regional service staff 


  • Implementation of prescribed standards 


  • Execution of thermographic examinations as well as characteristic curve and insulation measurements


  • Assumption of plant responsibility


  • Repairs and maintenance of all common switchgears


  • Data connection with own specialists


  • Documentation of plant and work responsibility


  • Reporting including recommended action for fault elimination


  • We would be happy to convince you of our know-how in a personal meeting and show you how you can benefit from our services.



Mario Ortner

Managing Partner
Ortner Energy Group GmbH

+43 664 3013040


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