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Planning & Consultation

You can rely on us!

We offer a wide range of technical, planning and expert services. For support in the concrete implementation of your own project, in the acquisition or financing of a project. And of course for the operation of your plants.

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Project Planning
From tendering to completion - plan with us

Ground-mounted PV systems and rooftop systems. We are at your side - from the initial idea to the implementation of your project. We provide the basic building blocks for complex and less complex projects. Whether feasibility study, approval planning, execution planning with professional 3D CAD software: we take over all services. When it comes to tenders and contract negotiations, we are happy to assist you with our many years of expertise. Approval applications are prepared and followed up by us.
Our project management ensures that your project runs smoothly. If you wish, we can also take over construction management and quality assurance up to acceptance.


PV Yield Appraisals
Well-founded yield expertises for the planning and evaluation of photovoltaic plants

Based on precise weather and irradiation data and taking into account local conditions, we determine the long-term energy yield of your PV system. In addition, we incorporate our own calculations based on our many years of experience as well as evaluations of real yield data. Like most recognized experts, we use the simulation software PVsyst for this purpose. The PV yield reports provide a reliable statement about the expected yield of the PV systems and thus enable, among other things, a simpler financing commitment from investors and banks.

Professional and independent PV yield assessments: Your benefit


  • Faster and simpler financing commitments from investors and banks worldwide

  • Reliable forecast of plant performance taking into account specific location factors

  • Planning security for the investor through realistic estimation of the expected yields
    Reliable PV yield assessments through validation based on real operating data

What services do photovoltaic yield reports from meteocontrol include?

  • Procurement of irradiation data from at least two independent sources (long-term monthly averages)

  • Conversion of monthly mean values into hourly values by synthesis method

  • Consideration of local conditions (e.g. snow and shading objects)

  • Consideration of the specific plant configuration

  • Detailed time step simulations for each partial plant

  • Summary photovoltaic yield report

  • Personal contact person

  • Technical advice on plant design from our experts



Mario Ortner

Managing Partner
ZT Dipl. Ing. Dr. Mario Ortner

+43 664 3013040


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