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OFFGRID Phtovoltaic Ortner Energy Group.

We electrify Islands

Green energy for islands and rural areas

We are experts in the field of renewable electrification of islands. Due to the lack of infrastructure on many islands, it is very challenging to build plants. With our solution-oriented team, no island is too demanding and no task too difficult. Our mission - sustainable energy for islands. 

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Ortner Energy built and operates the first Island Hybrid Plant of Cambodia. It is situated on Koh Rong Island and provides electricity for 10 resorts. 

Island and non-electrified areas normally achieve power by diesel generators. However, due to inconvenient transportation, the high fuel and maintenance costs of diesel power generation lead to high costs of power supply. Meanwhile, exhausted emissions and noise pollution have remarkable impact on the local environment.

Off-grid solar systems require an in-depth understanding of the client’s current and future needs. Load or energy consumption is only one part of the puzzle for complex off-grid systems. 

The appropriate equipment selection, integration and commissioning are equally important to the long-term performance of all off-grid systems. Each component in a stand-alone power system must be designed to seamlessly work with every other component, while also meeting client expectations. We are here to assist you with this task.


We build an economical sustainable energy supply source for areas where no grid is available, where the energy supply is ensured by diesel gensets or where the grid does not work properly. With the help of battery storage, a micro-grid can be built and a self-sufficient power supply can be provided.

In contrast to the energy production by a diesel generator, where the energy costs are 0.8 - 1.0 USD per kWh, the production by photovoltaic is very economical. 

Taking a step with sustainable solutions against climate change


  • Site Analysis

  • System Design

  • Project Development

  • Project Management

  • Construction

  • Contracting



Torsten Schubert

Project Manager
Ortner Energy Co. Ltd. (Cambodia)

+855 09 979 9565


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