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Land Lease

Build a second mainstay through unused space

Lease your land for the construction of solar parks and secure a fixed income for the next 30 years!

Many landowners own areas which have a low economic benefit or only generate low yields. Such areas are ideal for the generation of electricity from renewable energies.

Project Ortner Energy

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems can be installed on almost any surface. The electricity generated from a photovoltaic system can be remunerated via the EEG on the one hand or marketed via a power purchase agreement (PPA) on the other. Interesting areas that are eligible for a solar park under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EAG in Austria) are:

  • Areas along highways and railroads

  • Land in disadvantaged areas that have a proven low yield or poor land value 

  • Conversion sites, such as landfills, former open-pit mining areas or decommissioned military bases

  •  Sealed areas formerly used for industrial purposes

  •  Designated, unused commercial areas

  •  Built-up areas such as sports and recreational airports

If none of the requirements can be met, it is possible to sell the electricity generated through a PPA. For ground-mounted PPAs, Ortner Energy is also looking for sites that meet the following criteria:

  •  Areas with a size of at least 10 hectares

  •  Low-yielding meadows or arable land that is unattractive for agriculture

  •  Fallow or other unused land


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Mario Ortner

Managing Partner
Ortner Energy Group GmbH

+43 664 3013040


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